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Andreev, Anton (U of Washington)

Excited about: one dimensional fermionic system has second sound despite absence of condensate
Confusion: can’t pick one
Fun fact: I am learning to swim

Behnia, Kamran (ESPCI)

exc: Transport (charge/entropy) in correlated systems. Looking for signatures of Berry curvature (anomalous nernst) in entropy transport
conf: hydrodynamic transport of electrons
fun: has a great recipe for stuffed calamari

Berg, Erez (U. of Chicago)

Excited about local aspects of quantum criticality.
Confused about transport properties of STO.
Fun fact: unlike what the (previous version of the) wiki might imply, I'm a He, not a She.

Berlinsky, John (McMaster)

exc: Working with Catherine on UPt3 and finally making some progress with calculating the Kerr effect
conf: usefulness or role of AdS/CFT in CMT
fun: attended the same 2 universities as Donald Trump (at the same time).

Bowick, Mark (KITP)

Excited about: topologically protected soft modes on curved surfacesConfused about statistical mechanics of thin sheets in thermal equilibriumFun fact: sails in SB harbor, participates in tennis tournaments.

Chen, Tianran (westchester, pennsylvania)

exc: Machine Learning applications to CM physicsconf: Same thing, strongly correlated systems in generalfun: running, science of cooking

Chowdhury, Debanjan (MIT)

Excited about correlated mixed-valence systems with neutral fermi-surfaces (e.g. in SmB6)
Confused about transport in STO in a regime without a Fermi-liquid descriptionFun fact: types very fast (typed these notes in real time).

Chubukov, Andrey (U. of Minnesota)

Excited about superconductivity near a quantum critical pointConfused about whether quantum critical theories have anything to do with real materialsFun fact: likes to eat on an exponential scale and cook on a logarithmic scale.

Coldea, Amalia (Oxford)

Excited about tunability of SC with pressure in FeSeConfused about transport and Hall effect in multivalley systemsFun fact: played soccer in "previous" life.

Coldea, Radu (Oxford)

Excited about frustration from bond dependent anisotropic interactions in Kitaev materialsConfused about spin liquids with a large ferromagnetic polarization, if they exist are they continuously connected to the fully-polarized phase?Fun fact: loves to BBQ and cook with his children.

Delacretaz, Luca (Stanford)

Excited about understanding strongly coupled systems using hydro techniquesConfused about: role of symmetries when applying to materials. universal vs non universal physicsFun fact: mountain climber.

Durst, Adam (Hofstra U.)

Excited about effects of disorder in topological insulator surfacesConfused about interaction effects in topological insulatorsFun fact: despite height, terrible at basketball
Fernandes, Rafael (U. of Minnesota)
Excited about double Q phases seen in pnictides.
Confused about superconductivity in STO.
Fun fact: Soccer enthusiast. Can tell you scores and fun facts about any world cup final.

Geim, Andre (Manchester)

Excited about: see tomorrow's talkConfused about: what am I doing in this workshop?Fun fact: if don't have a good joke, better not say anything

Greven, Martin (Minnesota)

exc: half a decade later, have grown best crystals of Hg-based cuprates and yet only lead to confusion since it is still quite disordered.
conf: transport (background in neutron scattering).
fun: father started business long time ago (sold now) of glue. Ironical that working on the pairing glue in the cuprates?

Grigorieva, irena (Manchester)

Excited about: SC in doped bulk topological insulatorsConfused about: Theories and experimental signatures of topological superconductorsFun fact: speaks dutch

Hartnoll, Sean (Stanford)

Excited: New experiments showing evidence for hydrodynamic flow in WP2Confused: T linear resistivityFun fact: Plays soccer

Hirschfeld, Peter (UFL)

Excited about: detecting intertwined order in cuprates using STM (CDW/PDW/SC)
Confused about orbital selectivity in multiband materialsFun fact: channel islands enthusiast. Will lead a group tour - details soon!
Huber, Greg (KITP)is a Deputy Director of KITP and a biophysicist. You can find his webpage here.
Fun fact: speaks both Hebrew and Portuguese. Could thus replace at least two of the program's coordinators.

Hsieh, Tim (KITP)
Excited about: topological matter and entanglement
Confused about: the local alphabetical order
Fun fact: frisbee aficionado

Hsu, Yi Ting (Cornell/U. of Maryland)

Excited about unconventional SC/Topological SC in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)Confused about possible strong coupling physics in bilayer TMDFun facts: plays badminton and "Go". NBA fan.

Kallin, Catherine (McMaster)

exc: UPt3, SrRuO4
confused: SC in overdoped cuprates
fun: One of the originators of first Harvard physics puppet show

Khatami, Ehsan (San Jose state university)

exc: prospects of new opt lattice expts in cold fermion systemsconfused: artificial NN based techniques to circumvent problems with num methods (sign prob)fun: handyman, fixes things (car)

Kang, Jian (U o Minnesota/FSU)

Excited about everything about nematicity/ fluctuations and impact on magnetism and SC in pnictidesConfused: High Tc and role phase fluctuations and nematicity.Fun fact: hiking enthusiast.

Keselman, Anna: KITP/station-Q

Excited about: QSL, fractionalized phasesConfused about: how efficient can artifical neural networks be in describing many-body wavefunctions?Fun fact: certified sailor. Wants to sail to channel islands

Kim, Eun-Ah (Cornell)

Excited about application of neural network based machine learning.
Confused about broken symmetries in cuprates.
Fun fact: Enjoys making a big pot of kimchi for her family.

Kim, Yong-Baek (U. of Toronto)

Excited about finding models for QSL applicable to real materialsConfused about experimental reports of finding QSL in a lot of materials in recent yearsFun fact: According to daughter, tells a lot of physics jokes. She doesn't always find them funny.

Lawler, Michael (Binghamton U.)

Excited about Frustration arising from to topological invariants
Confused: Quantum spin liquid materials and whether they really existFun Fact: Leaving in 7 minutes to take his son for surfing class.

Lee, Dung-Hai (UC Berkeley)

exc: Difference b/w phase transition of Landau vs non landau type
conf: SC in bulk FeSe
fun: 15 years ago complained to a colleague, life is tough to have kids and dog. life starts after kids leave home and dog dies. In that phase right now

Meng, Zi-Yang (IOP Beijing)

exc: numerical techniques. develop numerical skills to study exotic QPT, different from LG, lattice fermion simulation of itinerant QCP
conf: how much we have to push the numerics to see what SS Lee was talking about at the conference
fun: associated with the kavli foundation (new institute in beijing). organized 2 workshops. believes he can beat anyone at ping pong

Navarro Gastiasoro, Maria (U. of Minnesota)

Excited about SC in STOConfused about phonon mediated SCFun fact: has two visas in her passport. one of which belong to miss universe contestant from 2015 (not Maria)

Paramekanti, Arun (U. of Toronto)

Excited about: Oxide 2DEGs, SOC materialsConfused about: High Tc, Spin orbit coupled liquidsFun fact: Great story teller according to my boys, trying to extend this skill to scientific papers

Patel, Aavishkar (Harvard)

Interested in transport and non-equilibrium quantum dynamics in correlated systems without quasiparticlesExcited about: Many body quantum chaosConfused about: T-linear resistivity in correlated systemsFun fact: Can extremely quite at times.

Perkins, Natasha (U. of Minnesota)

Excited about: QSL/Fractionalized excitations in materialsConfused about: So many QSL... how many are there?Fun fact: Despite last name, has a heavy Russian accent.

Peterson, Michael (Cal. State University, Long beach)

Excited about: frustrated magnets, QSL, topological orderInterested in Kitaev materials

Pong, Chien (UCSB/KITP)

Excited about: combining ab-initio techniques with effective models
Confused about: Floquet Hamiltonians and what do they meanFun fact: likes playing with son

Radzihovsky, Leo (Boulder)

Excited about: spending time at KITP
Confused about: physics
Fun fact: recently released from 20 years of hard labor (both kids are now in college)

Scalapino, Doug (UCSB)

Excited about: dynamic and retardation properties of unconventional SC. Can spin fluctuations drive high Tc?
Confused about: The above, and the pairing mechanism in FeSe without hole pockets.Fun fact: is a great grandfather with a great grand daughter who is a year old.

Savary, Lucile (MIT)

Excited about: QSL, SC in spin-orbit coupled semimetals
Confused about: same as above, role of band-inversion for unconventional SCFun fact: did improvisation and stand-up comedy in the past.

Schattner, Yoni (Weizmann)

Excited about: applying machine learning to solve CMT problems
Confused about: transport close to QCPFun fact: Plays many instruments, although badly.

Shaghoulian, Edgar (KITP)

Excited: non local operators and higher form symmetriesFun fact: Of Armenian origin. Armenian holiday coming in 6 days, basically a huge water fight.

Sun, Kai (Michigan)

exc: role of electron interactions for phase transitions, quantum criticality, topological physics
conf: new developments in quantum criticality in itinerant systems. can we merge the analytical and numerical developments?
fun: waiting for family to arrive next week

Thomale, Ronny (Wurzburg)

exc: electrical circuits
conf: intertwined order, attending conference to learn about examples beyond pseudogap and what is the precise distinction b/w coexisting/competing/interdependent order?
fun: rowing, table-tennis, can beat Leo at table tennis

Trebst, Simon (cologne)

exc: many fermion systems, spin-liquids majorana/kitaev Spin liquids, numerically exact QMC solutions to intertwined order with high accuracyconf: application of Machine Learning to CM systemfun: not a swimmer in spite of living here for 6 yrs in the past

Todadri, Senthil (MIT)

exc: work on mixed-valence insulators with Debanjan, possibility on progress in intertwined order from the point of view of dualities
conf: About everything. Especially confused about loop order in cuprates: why is it there?
fun: Never been to russia but have a paper with listed affiliation as the Kapitza institute

Vafek, Oskar (FSU/NHMFL)

Excited about: role of Hund's coupling for SC in pnictidesConfused about: HTSC, 1/8 doping anomaly, role of pairing fluctuationsFun fact: 7 yr old daughter going to surf camp in Santa Barbara.

Varma, Chandra (UC Riverside)

Excited about: iron-based SC and cuprates, linear in T resistivity, linear magnetoresistance in B when larger than TConfused about: low temperature properties of glassesFun fact: interested in theater and sociology, both are relevant also to science

Vojta, Thomas (Missouri S&T)

Excited about: randomness in quantum many-particle systems
Confused about: Amplitude (Higgs) mode in disordered superfluids
Fun fact: Loves rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking

Wang, Yuxan (UIUC)

Excited about topological semi metals and superconductivity
Confused about Why we get constant piece in fermionic self energy in numeics
Fun fact: forget everything. Today I lost my wallet on the beach (but then found it). Last week I forgt the organizational meeting

Wang, Xiaoyu (U. of Minnesota/U. Chicago)

Excited about metallic QCP in various systemsConfused about machine learning methods in QCP, dualitiesFun fact: likes "warriors", Go player.

Zaanen, Jan (Leiden)

Excited about: compressible quanum matter
Confused about: holographic dualityFun fact: 30% of social activity is with two female cats, whom he misses very much.